Forget stock photos…

I’ve come to realise that far too many of us rely on stock photos to validate our blogs or sites.

However with such an abundance of them it’s time to take a step back and get real again.

The reason I bring this up is looking at the post I put up earlier today it would have been so easy to grab a stock photo and just post the video, but I didn’t, I found someone who had a camera and knew how to use it.

Unfortunately collaboration can often come down to trying to make a profit using a joined up approach.

But find someone that’s in the same boat as you, just trying to do something for the passion of it then both of you win and benefit from working across arts.

In my case I got lucky by using The Hot Cup of Tea, a local amateur photographer trying to make a name for themselves.

So explore those around you and find out who’s in need of collaborative support for the passion of their art and not the profit.

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