Trick and or Treat

Tonight's the night ghosts and ghouls pass the veil from the other side giving us a great reason to dress up in our most delightfully gruesome and scary costumes.  But what should you go as? If you've still not decided maybe these suggestions will help with terrifying everyone you demand choclate from.   Thriller Michael… Continue reading Trick and or Treat


Opening up your Fireplace

If like us you enjoy a fire in the house (contained in a fire place) you might have the problem of a bricked up or plastered over fireplace hole. Don't worry we've got you covered and its actually quite straightforward once you get going. It's initially a bit scary knocking a hole in the wall… Continue reading Opening up your Fireplace


Psst…box o’ meat?

The world is a vastly different place today than it was 10, 20 years ago. We expect more and more from services and faster and faster responses from businesses. So how does life in the fast lane effect us when it comes to choosing where we shop for produce? Not so long ago shopping for… Continue reading Psst…box o’ meat?


We’re off to the movies…

To the majority of people in the UK if you go to the cinema you will be giving your hard earned cash to one of two franchises, Odeon or Cineworld. These two giants are arguably the big boys on the block. Odeon being one of the oldest chains in the country dating back to the… Continue reading We’re off to the movies…


The Grand Eastbourne – The White House by the sea

Elegance - the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance and manner. I don't know much about elegance, but if I were to look for a way to describe the word The Grand Eastbourne would be the perfect solution. In an industry that has gulfs of difference in quality be in 5 star ratings,… Continue reading The Grand Eastbourne – The White House by the sea

National Trust

Ightham Mote – National Trust

The National Trust is a wonderful organisation, keeping some of the country's best loved buildings, castles and sites safe, secure and accessible. In 2015 they published figures showing just less than £259 million was spent on maintaining properties in order to keep them open to the public. In addition to this they also committed to… Continue reading Ightham Mote – National Trust